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Blue Wealth Property: Thoughts & Inspiration Videos

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Client: Blue Wealth Property
Creative: Coloursock
Production: Coloursock
Director: Charbel Azar
Crew: Luis Pimenta

Blue Wealth Property help people create wealth through property. Director and Founder Dr Tony Hayek is a thought leader in the field and shares insight into the people who inspire him. We have been producing content with them since our founding in 2011. But in 2017 is was time to step it up and push some boundaries in the corporate world. We challenged ourselves, crafting a new creative format for their content and a new approach to storytelling. Inspired by the seamless relationship of text and image in many famed title sequences, we set up a 2.35:1 ratio production. This enabled us not only to improve the image to text functionality, but to bring Dr. Hayek’s words to life, allowing them to exist seamlessly in the scenes around him. Good corporate content isn’t about changing your delivery, words or ideals, rather crafting a scene the audience can and wants to absorb. And this piece is a testament to that, receiving over 50k views since its release.