Charbel Azar | Executive Producer


‘Chucky’,  the man who started it all – has ‘a reverent obsession with colourful linen and fabrics, basketball shoes and a fear of being ordinary’. Can we just take a moment to remind him he will never be ordinary? A colourful linen and basketball shoe obsession? What a combo Chucky. 

It takes one glance at the socks this man is sporting to know he is fiercely passionate about the brand he has created. Not because they are usually coloured socks, but rather they speak of his individuality, his subconscious refusal to let social expectation restrict the adorns of his personality. He lives a life less ordinary. Chucky, has an admirable drive to take the seemingly vanilla and make it chocolate, an opportunity for creativity becomes his obsession. You will never meet a fully grown male that walks away from a client meeting with a bigger pearly-white grin, and squeal of excitement as he arrives at the office than this guy. His passion, pride and energy drive this operation to colourful places. 

With a Masters in Commerce, a Bachelor in Economics and extensive training in film and production, colour grading, lighting, camera operation and directing, Chucky seamlessly leads the crew to explore our talents, delivering time and time again innovative, intuitive, vivacious and soulful content.


luis pimenta | content director


Our resident Bob Marley, both in studio acoustics, appearance and fierce creative talent. If he’s not belting a song, humming or making strange sporadic noises through his projects there is room for concern. Lu is undoubtedly Coloursock’s secret weapon. Born of creative talent Lu has directed over 100 television commercials. His work has led to the award of best short movie at VII Cine Mube Vitrine Independente - Sao Paulo, best short movie at IV Mostra Perpendicular de Cinema - Uberlandia, Official Selection Mostra De Cinema De Tiradentes, Official Selection Curta o Genero - Fortaleza, Official Selection Mostra Competitiva do III Curta Amazonia in Brazil and was selected to be a part of the film festival TINA B in Prague 2013. 

He has over 15 years experience in international media outlets, agencies and major television stations including Rede Globo. Lu has built an empire of content that has been recognised across the world. With a Bachelor in Advertising, a Masters of Business Communication and an extensive array of directing, motion graphics, film and production qualifications, Lu has the tools to make his creative ideas, a reality. Unbeknown to his humble existence he is an unstoppable force of creativity, happiness and talent and is everyday making a visible difference to the world.


hieu nguyen | content animator and colourist


This self-proclaimed Blasian (black asian) is the guy you saw this morning hip hopping his way down Sydney’s Redfern Street through the ocean of commuters. Haven’t seen him yet? Haven’t lived. Vastly talented director, post production artist, animator and cinematic creative. He has worked with a bunch of jaw dropping national and international brands and artists that have earnt him a portfolio to boast about. He won’t though, so let me do the honours. Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, X-factor, the Arias, AACTA, TONI&GUY, Taylor Swift and the one he would tell you about, Fall Out Boy. Hieu’s instinctive raw-talent has him animating and producing some of the best and explicitly individual 2D and 3D animations on the market. Hieu holds a Bachelor of Digital Media from Billy Blue and a Masters in Direction and Cinematography from AFTRS. He is instinctively a technologist with transferrable software knowledge in Maya, Cinema 4D, Da Vinci, coding and the entire adobe suite. Hieu doesn’t have an off switch, mixing tracks in the dead of night,  advancing his skills as a professional street fighter gamer or trolling the net for his next pair of Adidas to add to his 30+ collection #teamadidas


stephanie delhey | creative lead


Steph, our cheeky (af) Chilean-German import, full of inextinguishable creative curiousity. She grew up on a farm in the chilly Chilean Patagonia, with her European parents (both vets, or as she would say ‘green peace parents’). Cause and affect of a multicultural upbringing has this one bestowed with an unrelinquishing itch for adventure and cultural discovery. At 19 the adventures began. She went looking for new landscapes, finding her way to South Africa’s Cape Town where she studied design and photography and fulfilled her dream of getting a decent tan. In pursuit of further professional growth, more sun tans and adventure, she found her way to Sydney and began a career in the world of advertising. Working simultaneously through a Masters in Communication Management, her next pursuit of adventure led this bundle of audacity to our doorstep. Steph, award winning art director, had us at ‘hello’. Her portfolio, not short of remarkable, detailed a career working with brands such as, Pernod Ricard (Absolut Vodka, G.H. Mumm and Chivas Regal), Coca Cola, Telstra, Chanel, ASOS, Mentos, Audi and Disney just to name a few. Her pursuit to create social change is at the heart of everything she does. This half creative, half humanitarian is the perfect fit to Coloursock in her ambitious, world-rocking, selfless and flavourful approach to life.