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GN Hearing AU & NZ: Brad Davis Case Study

brad davies

case study


Client: GN Hearing Australia & New Zealand
Creative: Coloursock
Production: Coloursock
Director: Charbel Azar
Crew: Hieu Nguyen

GN Resound engaged our team to produce a case study for the LiNX 3D hearing aid. The challenge, was to not fall into the tone of a sales pitch and rather to simply actualise the effectiveness of this device. We worked closely with LiNX 3D user Brad Smith and Brad’s audiologist Sue Jones to execute this. And its success was in it’s simplicity; divulging the facts and letting his touching story take the lead. Exquisite footage, his voice overs, Sue’s input and day to day footage, humanised his reality. Once again, we are honoured to put our name on this GN Resound project.