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Macquarie Telecom: Nutty Professor Training Videos

nutty professor

training videos


Client: Macquarie Telecom
Creative: Coloursock
Production: Coloursock
Director: Charbel Azar
Crew: Hieu Nguyen, Luis Pimenta, Alanna Walsh, Ali Platt, Zoi Saad

Macquarie Telecom engaged our expertise to construct a full scale creative production for their staff induction program. The natural challenge presented was, how do we engage a new team, while feeding them a substantial stream of vital information? The solution – adding a wig to the already quirky, wild and wonderful personalities of Macquarie Telecom. The nutty professor personifies the next chapter of their life. Content heavy and hard working, yet playful and rewarding. We rendered motion graphics to reinforce the content and engage visual and audio learners alike. Check out some of the induction content below.