Cove Agency: Israel Folau Case Study

israel folau

case study


Client: Cove Agency
Creative: Coloursock
Production: Coloursock
Director: Charbel Azar
Crew: Hieu Nguyen, Luis Pimenta, Stephanie Delhey

Sydney based talent management agency, Cove approached us to produce video and photographic content for their brand platforms. They challenged us to produce something that went beyond your typical sports management campaign and could tap into the trust and attention of parents of young athletes. We helped them build that, creating a campaign that reflected their values of nurturing talent, fostering growth and empowering high performance. We brought the ideals of cultivating good men first and talent second to life with brand ambassador Israel Folau. Together we humanised the sheer struggles, commitment and sense of community required to build this kind of man.