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Coloursock: Sustainable Fashion

sustainable fashion



Creative: Coloursock
Production: Coloursock
Director: Stephanie Delhey
Crew: Charbel Azar, Zoi Saad
H&M: Haydn Mariu
Clothes: U-Turn Recycled Fashion

In 2012 Macklemore reminded the world, you can still get compliments wearing a dubious-smelling 99 cent fur coat. In 2018 we decided to take up an after hours passion project to reinforce this message. Because we believe in creating a world of ethical and sustainable consumerism and we’ve got the gear and the crew to spread that message. We received a generous wardrobe donation from Newtown based sustainable fashion store, Uturn Vintage, to bring this series to life. Check out or awesome crew getting their chic on for a good cause.