Blue Wealth Property

Thoughts and Inspiration

Blue Wealth Property is a Research Investment House committed to helping Australian’s invest in the best properties across Australia.


Blue Wealth approached us with an idea to create a series of videos that detailed seemingly common aspects of life and how they can help you embark or choose the right decision when it comes to investing in property.
The videos are designed for the viewer to learn about systems, goals, teamwork, perseverance and how courageous decisions can help everyone. We wanted these videos to come across as special and unassuming. We stripped back the corporate style and went with themes of grunge and gritty. Filming in garden spaces and abandoned warehouses helped us bring out the story and style.
We also steered away from using a typical green screen set up and decided to rotoscope images in post production to capture the energy of the location.


These stories were aimed at everyday people in the Blue Wealth world as as a result, they got an overwhelming response of people loving the stories that they never knew of or knew little about. There has been in excess of 20k views on social media.