our method


Relaxed and conversational, this is how we want our first meetings to be. Our main intention in this stage is to evaluate exactly what the client’s objectives are and work that into our values, and make the right fit. We aim to discover the business, understand the brand, the objectives, their budget and get a feel for the assets that are available.


The next stage is the fun bit, creation!

Once we have collected all information, we compile a loose response to the brief with high level concepts and budget considerations. This gives clarity and certainty to the client that their brief will be fully met.

We then start the process of developing the concept, and writing & creating the script for the piece. This process then leads onto the production of the concept. Depending on the scope of the brief, we can be filming on location, in the studio, at an event, or even producing animation. This all comes down to what the client wants, it’s all about you!


Post production involves making and editing the movie, which is an extensive process. Once the client is happy with the cut, we finalize and deliver!

why video?


On average, video increases the time users spend on your website by 600%, allowing you to have a greater engagement with your clients.

message sharing

68% of web viewers share video links with their friends, colleagues and other social networks, generating new sales leads for your business.

improved search

A well-optimized website with video is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search, giving your brand greater exposure.