ColourSock is a boutique video marketing agency located in the heart of Sydney. We specialise in producing online video content that’s customised to your business’ marketing strategy.

At ColourSock we love brand development and building brand awareness through video. We understand it is a powerful asset that plays an important role in engaging audiences and building connections. We believe that video strengthens relationships, builds trust and credibility and we pride ourselves on those exact principles.

We are a bit different to other video production companies, in the way that we make communicating through video fun. We are focused on providing you with a captivating video which showcases the unique aspects of your company or organisation & delivers results to your clients.

Our Values

Marketing strategy is at the core of every decision, (we are not here to mess around)! We don’t just make videos for the sake of it, we love what we do and there is a process behind every great video. When there is a great strategy behind it, we deliver it.


We are honest with our work, and we want your video to be the best it can be with the budget that you allow. We utilise what you have and stretch it further than you think. We always have your budget in mind at every stage of the process.


We pride ourselves on delivery, which means that we are always on time and never miss a deadline.


A big part of what we focus on is consistency. Visitors spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them, and individuals who view a video are 174% more likely to make a purchase. Videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined.

To put it simply, we dig deep to get to know your business and project goals so we can tell your story. Our passion and years of experience does the rest.

Our Team


Charbel Azar

Creative Director


Luis Pimenta



Hieu Nguyen



Ali Batten

Marketing Manager


Keenan Druce



Jess Paraha

Junior Creative

What we do



We use motion graphics and text to create an entertaining way of illustrating your message or purpose. See our portfolio to see examples of our work



Whether it's our green screen, your office, your clients location or even from a chopper - we're happy to film wherever you need us. We come equipped with all the necessary crew and equipped with the right gear. We're able to coordinate all logistics, location permissions, makeup, props and scheduling to have your shoot run smoothly.

Concept Development

Concept Development

We create your concept, tone and script down to the final detail to ensure your message comes across to your exact audience.

Training & Education –  It has never been easier to provide a video that harnesses changes and empowerment within the workforce. Training videos are used to promote changes in the workforce with the aim of building trust and relations between individuals as well as educating them.

Monthly Communication – From monthly newsletters, industry updates and general communication, we can compile videos for your staff and for your client base.  Using monthly communication means that you can seamlessly communicate your message to your client base while always staying top of mind.

Brand Awareness & Marketing Videos – Brand awareness is a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy. Marketing messages delivered through video allow your organisation to communicate their brand name and the important messages that are tied to your products and services, while driving traffic to your business.

Case Study/Testimonials -  These kind of videos are the most powerful tool that any business can use to acquire new customers. Individuals rely on the opinions of others before they make a buying decision. This is the reason why these kind of videos have become an effective tool that businesses use to instil trust into customers. We can provide simple to complex videos suited best to your unique needs and capabilities to add authenticity to your communication.

Explainers (Animation) – Explainer videos take the guess work out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service and incorporates animation as the primary visual element. Using this kind of video  gives the viewers a better understanding of the concept of the message, while connecting on a personal level.

Events – Bring your brand to life by capturing key moments at your function, seminar or event through video. Filming your event increases the reach of your efforts and improves your ROI as more than just the attendees in the room are able to access the footage. We offer a variety of of different filming options so you get the right type of video for your event.

Photography – Images play an important part in communicating your brand’s personality as it not only conveys “a thousand words” but does so in an instant. We provide quality commercial photography to your business to ensure that your message is presented in a professional, creative and engaging way.

Our Method


Relaxed and conversational, this is how we want our first meetings to be. Our main intention in this stage is to evaluate exactly what the client’s objectives are and work that into our values, and make the right fit. We aim to discover the business, understand the brand, the objectives, their budget and get a feel for the assets that are available.


The next stage is the fun bit, creation!

Once we have collected all information, we compile a loose response to the brief with high level concepts and budget considerations. This gives clarity and certainty to the client that their brief will be fully met.

We then start the process of developing the concept, and writing & creating the script for the piece. This process then leads onto the production of the concept. Depending on the scope of the brief, we can be filming on location, in the studio, at an event, or even producing animation. This all comes down to what the client wants, it’s all about you!


Post production involves making and editing the movie, which is an extensive process. Once the client is happy with the cut, we finalise and deliver!

Why choose ColourSock?

We work to create a film, or a series of films that showcase the unique aspects of your company through a strategic process.

We love what we do – which means your business is our business. We enjoy refining the details of your project and capturing ways to engage with your target audience. Your goals are at the forefront of our mind every day ensuring that we deliver the best production we can

Why Video?


On average, video increases the time users spend on your website by 600%, allowing you to have a greater engagement with your clients.


68% of web viewers share video links with their friends, colleagues and other social networks, generating new sales leads for your business.


A well-optimised website with video is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search, giving your brand greater exposure.

"Effective video communication that gets results"

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