ColourSock is a boutique video production house located in the heart of Sydney, we specialise in producing online video content that’s customised to your business, big or small.

At ColourSock we are passionate about brand development and awareness through video. We understand it is a powerful asset that plays an important role in engaging audiences and building connection. Video strengthens relationships, builds trust and credibility and we pride ourselves on those exact principles.

We provide custom high-quality videos and offer the best service in Sydney, so why not give us a call
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Why Video?


On average, video increases the time users spend on your website by 600%, allowing you to have a greater engagement with your clients.


68% of web viewers share video links with their friends, colleagues and other social networks, generating new sales leads for your business.


A well-optimised website with video is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search, giving your brand greater exposure.

Our Team


Charbel Azar


Charbel specialises in finding the right video solution for your business. Charbel has worked with hundreds of clients and achieving your goals is his priority.


Skeet Gersbach

Campaign Director

Skeet knows how to plan and implement the process of video production. He specialises in managing accounts and strategising in delivering results from your videos.


Mark Naidoo

Senior Producer

Mark is our Senior Producer and has several years of experience in producing creative content for music videos, web, television and film. His expertise is in technical lighting and specialised camera operation.


Yael Rice

Director of Photography

Yael is our director of photography with 10 years in filming, editing and video production. Yael has a creative eye and specialises in taking your idea from concept to screen.


Belle Oliva

Production Manager

Belle is the coordinator, organiser and multi-tasker of the team. Belle is quick on her feet. If there's anything you have in mind, you count on Belle to coordinate it into life. Belle is the person to make it happen on set.


Luis Pimenta


Luis is our resident editor and motion graphics animator. With 12 years in the industry, Lu comes from a background of editing and directing for advertising and film houses in Brazil to Sydney's ColourSock.

"Effective video communication that gets results"




We use motion graphics and text to create an entertaining way of illustrating your message or purpose. See our portfolio to see examples of our work



Whether it's our green screen, your office, your clients location or even from a chopper - we're happy to film wherever you need us. We come equipped with all the necessary crew and equipped with the right gear. We're able to coordinate all logistics, location permissions, makeup, props and scheduling to have your shoot run smoothly.

Concept Development

Concept Development

We create your concept, tone and script down to the final detail to ensure your message comes across to your exact audience.


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